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Bali Tourist Useful Information
Bali tourist useful information for Bali map, temple festival and more
Bali in Brief
Bali is small island, the area of 5620 square km approximately from south to north 80 km and from east to west 140 km, it is only 8 degrees south of the equator. Bali has a tropical climate which is hot all year.
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Large Bali Map
Complete large size Bali map with district name, village name, town name and interesting view point
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Today Bali Weather
Wet season in Bali start from December till June, hard rain fall at the end of the year till March and dry season start from June till November
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IDR Rupiah Today Exchange Rate
IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) rate fluctuation with other foreign currency very often specially with United Stated Dollar and Australian Dollar
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Bali Hinduism Festival
Complete information with Temple Festival and Bali Hindu Celebration update every month
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Balinese New Year
Celebrate every year around March, it's fall when no moon day. Very unique celebration with silent day, no work and no travel
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Balinese Dance Performance
There are many Balinese Dance perform for tourist is like Barong Dance, Kecak Dance and Legong Dance
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Bali Cremation Ceremony
A death ceremony for Bali Hindu people generally consists af three stages which are, cremation (ngaben), sanctification of the soul (memukur) and placing the santified soul in the family temple
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bali cremation
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